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In 1989 KS International developed the Balloon Stuffer stuffing machine which we sold through the franchise business circuit. At the same time Classy Wrap and Balloon Wrap was selling their balloon machines which are current today. We had many customers that were complaining about the difficulty in using these floor model free standing balloon stuffing machines as well as pinching their fingers in the lid.

With this in mind we developed the Keepsake Stuffer balloon stuffing machine and introduced it in 1990. It corrected the many difficulties that the Classy Wrap, Balloon Wrap and our Balloon Stuffer balloon machines had. The Keepsake Balloon Stuffer being a table top model that was hands free became the most user friendly and dependable balloon machine on the market.

Its clear 18” balloon chamber allows you to view the complete balloon during the decorating process with out stooping over to see what you are doing. The top and the bottom are clear. You cannot see through the top of the Classy Wrap, Balloon Wrap or most floor models. You must stoop over.

The Keepsake Stuffer uses the Qualatex 18 inch stuffing balloon to its full size. The Qualatex 18” balloon is the only balloon made specifically for the balloon stuffing industry and was used as the standard for the design of the Keepsakes clear chamber. You will find that you will use the full 18” dimension of the balloon and never have the need to stoop over to see what you are doing as you do your balloon decorating. You will be on a table top and not on the floor.


The Keepsake Balloon Stuffer is the only balloon stuffing machine that is completely hands free. It comes standard with a foot switch to turn the motor on and off during inflation. Leaving both hands free to guide and decorate the stuffing balloon. Other machines use a hand switch which is much cheaper.

When you compare all the features of the Keepsake Stuffer with any other balloon machine we believe you will agree with us that we have done our home work and designed this machine to the industry needs.

If you have any questions please call KS Intl at  1-800-982-4480