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WHY Keepsake?

WHY Keepsake Stuffer?

  1. Because of it's table top design you can access the entire balloon for decorating without standing on one’s head to reach the bottom of the balloon.

    What Is The Opportunity of Balloon Stuffing?

    "People think of a balloon as something you put on the end of a string, or float in the air."

    Balloon Stuffing is a fun creative and profitable type of business, Each design is custom-made by you. Stuffing a balloon with the Keepsake Stuffer is something you learn and do in just a few minutes. A balloon stuffing business will open up countless money making opportunities - all it takes is a little creative thinking and using the right equipment!  The opportunities for growth are unlimited as you will learn from our intense Balloon Stuffing marketing manual.

    Some Business Thoughts

    Think Win/Win: is a habit of interpersonal action in families and business, effectiveness is largely achieved through the cooperative efforts of family and partnerships. You make sales with no salesmanship required, the balloons sell themselves. The Balloon Display Tree is a marketing tool for this very thing of the balloons selling themselves.

    Work is Work

     Even if you love what you are doing and having fun. Balloons are just great fun. And your customers are feeling the fun when they buy your Balloonstuffing. It is having fun and making money at the same time. WOW!


    Balloon Stuffing Works in Every Country on Earth, YES Even Your Country.

    Depending on what country you are in there are plenty of diverse opportunities. Retailing your Balloon Stuffing gifts in a balloon, tailored to your customs in your country.


    Just make a list of all the things you do for entertainment, shopping, retailing type of outlets in your area, sporting and other events that go on all around you. With just a little brainstorming you can develop creative Balloon Stuffing themes for each of these… Simple Marketing.

    The possibilities are unlimited!

    Picture in your mind and realize its potential. It’s unique appearance, like a ship in a bottle. Its colorful accessories, its wide consumer appeal, and the ideas for whatever area you live in can be customized to fit the market.

    Retailers A Win/Win concept.

    With the Keepsake Stuffer's Balloon Display Tree placed fully in view wherever you setup your booth, you can show your unique balloon gift wrapping to all in any location. Many of our Balloon Stuffing dealers have made very lucrative agreements with retailers by using the retailer’s products in the balloon display tree with the retailers stuffed inside of the balloon. This is called a Win/Win.




    Why the keepsake Stuffer? It is compact, easy to transport, ease of use is beyond any balloon stuffing equipment in the marketplace, because of its design it is more versatile and enables many more design applications than a large floor model.  Examples are:

    1. In a floral design stuffing the machine can be placed on a bouquet with the machine upside down placing a large bouquet inside the balloon, as pictured below.
  2. Inflating items such as a basketball inside of a stuffed balloon is simple because of being able to move and roll the machine in different positions on the table top rather than bending over on the floor to get inside of the stuffing balloon.
  3. The Keepsake Stuffer’s air inflator can be used in the balloon industry for blowing up balloons to add to your stuffed balloon.


Evaluating Keepsake Stuffer - The Balloon-Stuffing Company:

  • KS International Inc. has been developing and manufacturing balloon stuffing machines since 1989.
  • KS International Inc. has it a reputation for honesty and fair dealing among those who it deals with both in business and associations.
  • KS International Inc. does assist all it customers in the details of its equipment and the process of using that equipment in doing business.
  • KS International Inc. has a monthly newsletter that shares ideas in merchandising balloon-stuffing in and throughout the world.
  • KS International Inc. assist you in your business with comprehensive manuals that cover not only the operation of the Keepsake Stuffer, but such things as suggesting how to finding good locations for your new business to setup at, expansion concepts, in-depth training videos that can be found online so you are always up to date with the newest market concepts in capturing business.
  • KS International Inc. will always give the latest step-by-step information in handling balloon stuffing avenues that are constantly spring up with the new economy that exists in the world.



International Shipping

We can now ship any where in the world and with our new web site www.keepsakestuffer.com we can give you your cost of shipping instantly.
We have good discounts in place with FedEx (Federal Express) 50% in most cases.
Just add your item to the cart and then view the cart and click the estimate shipping cost, choose your country and put in your address. It will show your cost of shipping with our discounts.
Please note that the thi web site will now translate into most languages.
If you have any questions or concerns? PLEASE don't hesitate to contact us now.

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