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Check out what others have to say about the Keepsake Stuffer.
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Posted by Unknown on 7th Jan 2013

Es algo muy elegante y divertido de regalar.

Posted by Cathy on 12th Feb 2013  

This is truely amazing! How the machine works so easily and by one person is fantastic. I am looking forward to my new business growing and will be an ongoing customer with KS International.

 Best Machine ever 

 Posted by Grainlyassilt on 7th Apr 2013

 I have been looking for this machine. WOW I am surprised how easy it is to use. We highly recommend the Keepsake Stuffer

Posted by judith andriessen on 22nd May 2013

I had my keepsakestuffer in only 3 days in the netherlands, didnt expect it so fast, great.
The stuffer works great to, it simple to work with. Its better than a regular stufmachine because you can also put small items in a heartballoon.
Verry happy that i ordered it.

Posted by Unknown on 10th Dec 2012  

I love this machine. I cant explain how brilliant this machine really is. Its so simple to use, I just plug it in and off I go it really is that easy!! It also comes with easy to follow instructions which is very helpful. Overall all I can say is this machine is absolutely excellent :)

Thomaston, Georgia
February 2012

Expand Creativity

The keepsak stuffer can be used to make baby showers more exciting. The mother to be have to wait for a week to pop the balloon to see what is inside inside. Host a babr shower with the Keepsake Stuffer. I love it.


December 2010

I've had mine over 10 years, I CAN'T WEAR IT OUT
I wanted to let you know that I have had my Keepsake Stuffer way over 10yrs. It has never failed me and it is so easy to use. I love it. My customers love watching me stuff their "gifts in a balloon" with it. I had my choice of a Classy Wrap or the Keepsake Stuffer and I choose the Keepsake Stuffer because of the carrying case and the small space needed to use it. I carry it anywhere with the case. When I need a replacement... it will be the Keepsake Stuffer.

Cindy Mueller
A Balloon Magic
Bend, or
February 2008
Years of Success 
I want you folks to know what a great time I’ve had with the Keepsake Stuffer and we have truly made a lot of easy money with it over the years. We first got our machines in early 1990's. In the good old days when Sam was alive, Wal-Mart had a policy of letting small business people set up in their stores and sell their products. This was the most fantastic experience we had ever had in this type of thing. We had done lots of craft shows, festival and others things with our homemade crafts, etc. I was at a large flea market in Chicago and saw a small booth with about 30 people around it. Out of curiosity I had to see what he was selling that was attracting so many people. When I finally got close enough, I saw it was a machine that was allowing him to put teddy bears inside a large balloon. His friend was putting a large bow and strings on it, putting in large plastic bag. She was being handed a 20 dollar bill as fast as she could put a bow on one. After observing for a few minutes, I thought, wow, that was an easy hundred dollars I just saw them take in, in a very few minutes. So I kind of buried this in my mind and went on about my own business of small woodcraft items of which we were doing rather well at also. no more than a month or so later we decided to go to a merchandise show at McCormick place in Chicago and with in a few minutes we came across a booth with a couple of pretty young ladies demonstrating of all things this wonderful machine I had told my wife about. We watched for awhile, talked for awhile, left with one and the supplies to get started. We did our first outing at good ol. Sam's local Wal-Mart in our town (Michigan City, in.) Boy, did we do fantastic. Bought our plush right there from the store, made a big donation to their choice charity and the store manager loved us... and then when we went early to make sure we could get space for upcoming valentines, this would have been our fourth year with them. But it was not to be with Wal-Mart; from then on we went to local malls and rented space. Still fantastic business, by then we had incorporated Mylar, latex, flower bouquets, stuff customers own items, lots of things. we were averaging over 4500 dollars profit for the 3 days we set up for valentines, Easter, mothers day, we did lots of birthdays, child births, get wells-just so many things you can with this machine. Back to Wal-Mart on that fateful day when I went to verify our setup I was told by store manage that they had been to a district sales think tank meeting or something like that. They kick around ideas for new sales, increasing sales, and new products for their particular areas. Well, some one brought up idea of doing stuffed balloons, ( I wonder who?) and Wal-Mart would do them for their own stores, and for several years, they have had their version of " balloon gift wrap". Now I’m still not sure that what our store manager saw us do, is what enticed the Wal-Mart to do it or not but they did. We were crushed but found we could do as well without the Wal-Mart storefront available. We continued for about 10 years at each holiday, including Father’s day and Christmas. Etc. We’ve retired since then and don’t do too much anymore with it; I’m trying to help a couple of young friends at a large indoor market here in Richmond, VA. Get into it now. They are really excited. I helped them do 50 heart shaped (I love you) on various vases and they were paid 8.00 each to do them for a guy at wholesale...they were going to a market in New Jersey somewhere. Now this is weekend before valentines and I will be showing them how to make their own product for their own sales and how to do the large stuffed balloons too. Only thing I ever saw in my life that I could put a 5.00 dollar plush in side of and get a 20.00 bill in return for it. Another 1.00 dollar inside and get 25 dollars for it. I mean, they see this is really a fun way to make a great return on their time and investment. Just writing about this makes me want to get back up again and do some more myself.......maybe I will.... Thanks for the opportunity. Buford Morton
March 2009
Great Service 
I am writing this testimonial letter to thank KS International for the good, kind service. And for the quality of the Keepsake Stuffer machine. Thanks, Martha Andrade. CA
October 2011
It's Great! I've made a ton of money already! 
The Keepsake Balloon Stuffer has been a dream come true. Not only is it fun, but it is also profitable! Don't miss out on this!